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Sealing services for surface protection in your home applied by HydroShield of Tampa Bay. Each HydroShield application is completed by a trained and certified HydroShield technician. As a result, this ensures proper product application every time. Even more, this guarantees our customers long-lasting durability and protection. Historically, sealants have been a one size fits all approach. So next you will see where we are different.

HydroShield, a Quality Investment

You invested many thousands of dollars building or buying a home. Therefore, investing a fraction more in protecting these porous items just makes sense, doesn’t it? HydroShield is high quality surface protection at its best. Meanwhile, it’s like buying peace of mind. Knowing that your new surfaces will stay looking new for many years. Relax, we have you covered!!

Free Estimates for Sealing Services

Contact HydroShield of Tampa Bay to receive a free consultation. A knowledgeable representative will explain our protection recommendations. Above all, we provide a customized estimate in regard to our recommended sealing services for the various types of surface protection available for your specific home.

Customer Experience

Our customer experience is simple. HydroShield customers can properly dispose of their harsh and acidic cleaners. Spend less time cleaning and also take comfort in knowing that they have protected their investment.

The Future of Surface Protection

When you think of a futuristic home, some of the attributes would be a home that is highly durable and doesn’t age. Also a home that requires little maintenance. A home that is Eco friendly and chemical free. The future is now with HydroShield Surface Protection!!

Our History

Founded in 1995. HydroShield has established itself as an industry leader. Above all, a leader in sealing services for surface protection and restoration. HydroShield is internationally recognized. Most noteworthy for introducing the latest hydrophobic technologies to its customers and dealers. Also by offering unique products that protect and restore glass, tile, porcelain and stone surfaces.

The HydroShield Philosophy

Our philosophy is different. As surface protection experts, we know that every surface we encounter is unique. Each surface needs the right product for the right surface. So based upon surface porosity and surface finish, we ensure proper protection is applied. We will never mark a job as complete until the surface is fully protected. As a result, every application is backed by the HydroShield “True Warranty” program.

Done Once, Done Right

HydroShield has been scientifically formulated to bond to various surfaces in any room. Furthermore we protect granite countertops. As well as shower glass enclosures. This product transforms them into highly durable surfaces with our innovative bonding process. New shower glass stays crystal clear for years. When treated with HydroShield. Another additional benefit is that it makes surfaces more antibacterial. Easy to clean. And stain resistant. Even more, our grout, granite, marble, travertine. And other natural stone sealing helps these surfaces stay looking their best. All because of HydroShield. Search the links above. To learn information that is more specific to your surface type.

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Cheryl Marks, Cincinnati Ohio

I was skeptical about it at first, but now I wouldn't own a home without HydroShield throughout. It has made my new home so much more enjoyable. I love it.

Cheryl Marks, Cincinnati Ohio