New Construction


Maintain that New Look

When you walk in to a brand new home or office one of the first things you notice is how shiny and clean everything is.  The tile and grout in the showers is stunning, the glass shower door spotless, and the granite countertops are just begging to have a masterpiece meal created there. If you want to maintain that new look, the first thing you do before you even move in is to have all those surfaces protected with HydroShield sealant.

Preserve Your Investment

The very best time to preserve your investment in upgrades like granite or another natural stone, shower glass, and tile and grout is before they are ever used. Prevention is the best defense against the daily grime and damage that takes place when living or working somewhere. HydroShield Tampa Bay is ready to apply our proven “best on the market” penetrating sealants to all these fresh surfaces to keep your home or office looking new for years to come.

How HydroShield Works

eco-friendly coatingsHydroShield, with it’s revolutionary protective coating, not only protects your home from damage but it also makes clean-up about 75% easier. How? Well first, you can throw out all those harsh chemicals because you won’t be needing them. Once you have HydroShield in placed, it actually repels water and dirt so all you have to do it to wipe surfaces dry with a clean cloth. Sick of hard water stains? You certainly won’t be trying to get them off with HydroShield protecting that shower glass. Instead, water will simply bead up and wipe away quickly with a dry towel. Your surfaces will still need cleaning but with environmentally friendly cleaner such as the HydroShield’s All Purpose Cleaner. The cleaner is alcohol based which evaporates quickly without leaving streak marks.

Your gorgeous home or impression-making office will retain the natural beauty of its surfaces, you have more free time from having to scrub and clean, and you are protecting what is likely one of your biggest assets.  Call us at HydroShield Tampa Bay today for a free estimate.

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