Granite Sealing & Protection

The Future Of Surface Protection

HydroShield brings the future of surface protection to the present. Because of it’s innovative technology, HydroShield allows home owners to experience the benefits a surface protection product that actually works. In other words, HydroShield lasts, and that is especially important for those of us that like to save money. On the other hand, if you expect the absolute best value for your money, HydroShield delivers on that too.

HydroShield of Tampa Bay

HydroShield of Tampa Bay is in the business of making people’s lives easier. We accomplish this by delivering premium surface protection and restoration options for granite in your home or business. Our revolutionary protective coatings make your surfaces easy to clean, thereby reducing maintenance by 75%.

Most importantly, you will have peace of mind knowing that HydroShield will keep protecting your beautiful granite for many years.

Furthermore, once HydroShield is applied, you can throw away those harsh chemical cleaners. As a result, this creates a more Eco-friendly environment in your home. Additionally creating a kid safe zone by eliminating all of those products from their reach. Moreover, clean up can be as simple as a quick once over with water and a towel. Rest assured, it really is that easy!

Investing in granite countertops for your new kitchen and/or bathroom can be fun. It can be exhausting as well. What colors to choose? What quality level of granite? Once you have selected that perfect granite slab for your home, what should you do? You will need that new investment to be well protected and that’s where we come in. In order to keep your granite looking like new, you need a sealer that works long term. HydroShield, for instance, offers superior surface protection.

Top 5 Reasons- Granite

Granite is the epitome of luxury for countertops. Granite is formed over millions of years, its unmatched natural and unique beauty is a treasure to be admired. Choosing granite can potentially increase a home’s value. As with all natural stone products, granite is very porous causing it to be very susceptible to staining. That’s why it can be very difficult to maintain and improper care and maintenance can damage your granite. Using harsh cleaning products can react unfavorably to your surfaces. It can be very costly and inconvenient having to restore or repair a damaged stone surface.

Microscopically Speaking

Granite surface photo showing porosity

It’s Called “Shield” for a Reason

HydroShield surface protection continues to dominate over and over again. This product is the perfect solution to protecting your stunning granite investment. In other words, HydroShield continues to outperform other sealers. Choosing a high quality sealer is very important. DYI sealers they tend to evaporate over time and require frequent reapplication. HydroShield surface protection is different because it penetrates, fills the pores, and creates an invisible barrier on the granite.

Easy to Clean and Prevents Bacteria

You work hard and your time is valuable. Above all, The reason why we only endorse HydroShield to protect your surfaces is because we know it works. Did you know that HydroShield makes your surfaces super easy to clean. Similar to non-stick cookware. Cleaning is up to 75% easier. And you can eliminate many of the cleaning products under your sink too. In other words, simply wipe down your counters with our recommended cleaners. It’s that simple!

Safer Home Environment

As for those nasty chemicals. Seal with HydroShield and you can toss them out and make your home a greener environment. Eliminate the need for harsh chemical cleaners by investing in HydroShield. Harsh cleaners often contain environmentally toxic ingredients thereby potentially harming our environment and your loved ones. Your home could be safer. Your family could be healthier and that includes the family pets!

Peace of Mind

Don’t stress. Maintaining your beautiful surfaces is super easy with HydroShield. Most importantly, HydroShield provides peace of mind. There are many reasons to seal your surfaces. And our products are amazing! HydroShield never chips, flakes, stains, or peels.
Our recommended HydroShield cleaning products will do the job right.

Available HydroShield Cleaners:

  • Glass and Granite Cleaner,
  • HydroShield Clean and Preserve
  • Concentrated HydroShield Neutral pH Anti-Bacterial Stone and Tile Cleaner
eco-friendly coatings

Each treatment is backed by a TRUE industry leading warranty. Eco friendly, durable and cost effective. That’s the HydroShield way.

Protecting Your Home’s Surfaces

HydroShield was founded in 1995, therefore, we know our business. Our clients have been enjoying the many benefits of our products for decades. Examples include, quick and easy clean up and excellent surface protection.

Invest in the best by protecting your surfaces with HydroShield. HydroShield for Granite enhances surface longevity, saves time, and saves money on cleaners. HydroShield gives you more time to enjoy doing what matters most to you. Call today for a free consultation and estimate.

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